Bad sound kills good music

Updated: Jan 17, 2021

We all know Playing music on torn speakers with too much bass will sound bad. Distortion can cause a good speaker to sound bad. It can also ruin the speaker with the heat generated in the voice coil Caused by distortion. Thats why it’s a good idea to keep the volume at about 3/4 of the way up. Thats usually where you can hear a clean undistorted and loud sound. Assuming it’s a factory stereo sysyem. If it’s an aftermarket sound system it is important to correctly set up the settings by gain matching the head unit, amplifier and setting up the equalizer with a Real Time Analyzer. Making sure the watts going to the speakers are closely matched mainly to avoid the amp from overpowering the speakers. Time correction is another feature to help set the sound stage towards the center of the vehicle and up front With the help of a good center channel with strong midrange frequencies. human hearing is on the 20Hz -20k Hz so don’t forget to add the subwoofer. not all speakers are made equally, every speaker has its job to play best at certain frequencie depending on size, materials, design, and power delivered to them. Now if you really want to go down the rabbit whole on this topic, I recommend you read loudspeaker design cook book by Vance Dickason. This a must read for box builders.

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