Creating a safe experience

Covid-19 isn't going away soon and neither are we, so we are changing our business procedures to provide a safer experience for everyone. Change is good, adapting is key, that is why we are implementing new social distancing measures. The goal is touchless drop offs, pickups, payments and more online experience. We will continue sanitizing practices, vacuuming our work area and wearing our mask while moving vehicles. We will send customers pre-appointment instructions including removing any belongings in the seats and working areas. RS Audio will now implement a locked-in work environment, meaning not open to walk-ins and available for drop off only. New signage will be made for guidance for a simpler, contacless experince. We hope that this will make things easier and safer for everyone, we are trying our best to do our part in beating this pandemic and we hope that you will understand and adhere to the guide lines.

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